Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Festivals - Sarikei Chinese New Year 2006

CNY 2006 - Raise the Red Lanterns

CNY 2006 - Shrouded with smoke after the midnight fireworks

If you didn't go back to Sarikei for CNY, you would have missed the nice lanterns that were hung for the first time on the road from Ngee Hin Kopitiam's traffic junction to Sugar Bun. Kudos to the folks who did it.

The fireworks & crakers were fancier & bigger this year despite the ban & stern warning that people could be prosecuted for firecraker ashes found in their compound. Dogs, cats & birds ran amok when the spectacle began at 11.45pm. The town was blanketed with smoke like a war zone by 12.30am. People could be seen sweeping (!) away ashes after ushering in the year with a big bang.

Just when you were snoring away after silence had crept in, some jokers would often let off a loud stray firecraker or two after their marathon mahjong or blackjack (21 points) sessions. What is CNY without fireworks & crackers? Beijing had lifted the ban this year. Singapore has special allocated areas where people can play with CNY firecrackers. Maybe Sarikei should designate the Rejang River Esplanade as legal areas for launching CNY firecrakers?

A reader contributed this Sarikei fireworks video. Pump up the volume for the time travel experience!


Chen said...

The lanterns in Sarikei town were something new to me :)
I never expect to see such things in Sarikei town :D
I haven't go back there for more than 2 years..
The last time I went back there was CNY in 2004.

Anonymous said...
firework in sarikei during cny '06

Daniel Yiek said...

Awesome video of the fireworks!It's almost like being there if you turn up the volume. Folks: Broadband needed if you want to stream the video or you may want to download the file instead.

Sharl612 said...

The lanterns really add to the CNY feel. I experienced Sarikei CNY fireworks via phone. It sounded like a war zone and I can barely hear my BF said Happy New Year. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo! better than those taken by myself. I was there, back for CNY (hasn't been back for CNY for 26 yrs). It was quite a sight. I hope they put the lights up every CNY??

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