Saturday, March 18, 2006

Festivals - Sarikei Pesta Nanas 2005

Pineapple Festival with its own logo & tagline

The stage with "Pineapple Split"
May the pineapple be with you.
Fruits of labour on display
Oil Palm ... anyone?
Night Concert - Rasa Sayang, kah?
(photos from Sarikei District Council)

Sarikei has always been known for its nanas (pineapples in Malay). However, this festival which started from 2003 was not to promote our favourite fruit only but also to get publicity for Sarikei's agricultural prowess. Sarikei Division supplies ~60% of vegetables & fruits for central Sarawak. Sarikei has been dubbed as the Food Bowl of Sarawak & Orchard Garden. That's food for thought. 

Do you know the difference between your fruity species: Nanas Madu, Nanas Sawi, Nanas Paun & Nanas Josapine? Are you surprised to learn that Josapine is derived from Jo(hor)- Sa(rawak)- Pine(apple). The New Straits Times article gave a glowing report of the festival. Click here.


Chen said...

wow.. I don't know about the name of different species of pineapple :) Something new I learn today :)

btw, refering to --> "Sarikei has been dubbed as the Food Bowl of Sarawak & Orchard Garden". Sounds weird to me cos I can't see any connection or resemblance :D

Chen said...

Now I remember I have post a review on Top 10 reasons that u were/are from Sarikei. I dunno whether u have read the post or not. It is nice to recall back those sweet old memories :)

Daniel Yiek said...

Ha! Yes, I hv read. The Top 10 reasons was written by me for my other website in "MSN Group" for my classmates & pals. Then I e-blasted it to a bcc list by email and it went around. :)

To my classmates that have not joined this MSN group (more intimate fun stuff that only our group can relate to), pls email me. Looking for folks like Chan Kai Kuan, Ivan Ignatius, Shirley Titus, Lucas Hsu,..the list goes on!

Chen said...

Oh, u wrote the post? I just edit the post & included in your name inside the post as the original author :D

It's nice to keep in touch with old classmates and schoolmates. Previously we used to have gathering once a year during CNY time but since my family shifted to Kuching one year plus back, I lost the opportunity to meet my old pals. Might be one of these years, I will go back to Sarikei again for the gathering during CNY time.

Cynthia said...

Hi daniel,your blog is cool. But the background and the writting is incompatible. I cant read the words much.

Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome! Pls use Internet Explorer, not Firefox, to view. I'm still trying to figure out how to solve the FireFox issue as I'm still learning to html for the non-standard skin (template) which I'm using

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