Monday, March 20, 2006

Food - Sarikei Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit - Flower bud (source:

Dragon Fruit - Full bloom (source:

Version 1 - White washed!

Dragon Fruit version 2 - Pretty in Pink!

Enter the dragon. Sarikei has grown dragon fruits (from the cactus plants) over the recent years. It's originally from Central America or Mexico but is grown extensively in Vietnam & Malaysia. It's also known as pitahaya but you can expect Asians to come up with creative names like dragon fruit for its prominent scales. It's quite bland but is very rich in Vitamin C. It's expensive relative to other local fruits (probably because of its novelty & its fancy name). It's best served chilled.

Its flesh is white or red. You can expect the locals to like the coloured version which is perceived to have more nutrients (or is it nothing but just a colour?). They bloom at night & usually last just one night where pollination is needed to bear fruit. Poor thing...what happens if the insects go on strike for that one night stand? If that's not bad enough, you can call it seedy even if you don't mean it in an disreputable manner. It can have 4-6 fruity periods per year. Click here for more details & pictures.


Anonymous said...

I have planted 2 acres Dragon Fruit At N Sembilan...any body want to buy my fruit and azmi: 017-2660372

Anonymous said...

How much does the red version cost in Sarikei? The red ones are quite sweet, taste better than the white one which is bland. Selling RM10 to RM12 per kg at hypermarkets for red ones in KL. I have seen the feasibility studies & cashflow projection. I think can breakeven after 3 years. Can the NS planter advise, pls!

Daniel Yiek said...

Hi, The red ones cost RM$18 per kg if I'm not mistaken. Quite popular as a new fruit. There are a few farmers planting this (encouraged by the gov). Others just plant it for fun in their gardens

Kong said...

It's a myth the red fruit always tasted better then the white. I have friends who grew them commercially and I have eaten both often enough to know that by now. And did you know that you can make them taste sweeter by the type and timing of fertilizer you use?

IMO, once the novelty wears off, the fruit's intrinsic value should be between RM4 to RM6 per kilogram.

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