Saturday, March 25, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Budget Airline @ Tanjung Manis Airport?

Tanjung Manis Airport 2006 - Hello, anyone at home?

Tanjung Manis Airport - picture at Tj Manis port's notice board

Tanjung Manis Airport - Routes & fares
Tanjung Manis Airport - Contact Details

The most dreaded thing about travelling to & from Sarikei is its long journey due to the lack of airport & direct flights. You can fly into Kuching and use sea or road transport. You can also fly to Sibu & drive back after queuing for the ferry at Durin or Lanang (both bridges are completing soon). 

The Tanjung Manis airport cost RM$57.7M and opened in 2003. Do you know that you can fly like a hornbill via the private airline, Hornbill Skyways, to Tanjung Manis airport, catch a pre-booked van to Tanjung Manis harbour & then catch the express boat to Sarikei in 1/2 hour while enjoying the fresh salty air. You can catch the same van waiting at the harbour on your return trip to the airport.
The 1st budget terminal in Asia just opened at Sepang, KL. MAS & AirAsia are still negotiating on the rationalisation of the domestic sector split. AirAsia has declined to fly to Limbang (not profitable). What chance does Tanjung Manis have to lure AirAsia? Sibu announced a RM$480M (43km) road with 5 bridges to Tj Manis and will be ready in 4 years. When will Tanjung Manis be manis (sweet) news to Sarikei & provide us with a direct road?
ET, call home in the meantime.


Anonymous said...
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Sim Y said...

Daniel, I don't who this dude is. But this is a Product Test Panel Scam. This is been around since last year.

When you open yourself to the world, there are obviously cheats around who try to take advantage of the innocents.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sim, Thanks for the alert on the spam (deleted). I hv removed the word verification text because most people dont like it. I will monitor the spam qty n see whether I need to put back the text verification.

Chen said...

Can consider this as an alternative (flying to Tg Manis) during my next trip back home to Sarikei :)

edulink said...

I never knew that there an airport in Tg. Manis......LOL

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