Monday, March 27, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Nyelong River Crossing

Nyelong River - Nyelong Park direction

Nyelong River crossing - bi-directional simultaneously
Nyelong River crossing - Bintangor side: land ahoy!

Nyelong River Bridge vision - artist's impression

Bintagor used to be a 1/2 to 3/4 hour express boat ride from Sarikei on the way to Sibu. Vendors would climb on board the express boats to sell the famous Bintangor green oranges (Limau Bintangor) & tidbits. If you use the old road, it's about 1/2 hour's drive passing by mainly Chinese village houses & wild orchids.

With the new ferry crossing in 1987, it has reduced the travel time to 15-30mins depending on the driver, of course. You will pass by longhouses and a new red bridge. The ferry crossing takes less than 5 mins & is a fun ride.

In the 1970-87s, the only old ferry was a slow boat that could carry bicycles & motorbikes, not cars. The ferry shed on the Sarikei side was slightly to the left towards the navy side. There were kids swimming there in the 80's as there was no swimming pool then. We had to gingerly test the river bed for broken glass embedded in the mud below. Hence the kids called it bo leh kang (Glass River in Hokkien). There were several kids who dared each other to swim across to the other side every other day. On one occasion, the ferry rescued a kid who underestimated the currents & nearly drifted to Nyelong Park!
I chanced upon a calendar showing the Nyelong Bridge vision. Our Nyelong River should be the beloved silty colour, like teh si (milky tea) & there should be Nipah palm trees, not mountain ranges, in the background.


Chen said...

Did u read the news few days back regarding the bus which slipped backwards into the river after stopping short at the ferry deck at the Durin Ferry terminal? luckily nobody was hurt in that incident. Everyone managed to flee before the bus fell into the river and submerged.

Kong said...

Nyelong Bridge is scheduled to be completed mid-2008.

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