Sunday, March 05, 2006

View - Sarikei 1840

1840 - Datu Patinggi Abdul Rahman's house, Siriki

We dig history in search of answers to satisfy our curiousity on what molded our town and our roots. Surely the stork, ok, make that the Sarawak hornbill, didn't bring us there. For bigger cities like Kuching or KL, their history was well documented and their old pictures are a dime a dozen. For humble Sarikei (or Siriki then), it was surprising to find such gems.

Look at the freaking heights of the stilts and ladders. It's either to protect the owners from intruders (definitely not from wild boars) or the painter had lost his sense of proportions. Does anyone know who this Datu was? What did those huge flags signify? This looks like the earliest illustration of Sarikei wharf. Or is it?

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fred said...

I suggest you use a more user friendly and more easy to read template... Since we want to give readers info about Sarikei we must use a very simple interface... trust me... it is really hard to read the current template. I hope it is still in BEta testing...

remember : Good contents and good layout will make people come again.


Daniel Yiek said...

Thanks for feedback. I hv changed the template transparency to zero, ie 100% opaque. Still learning html. Chen & you are the pioneers in Sarikei blogging. The rest are usually bloggers that wrote about Sarikei very randomly. I have put u under my links.

Anonymous said...

keep up the good work... we have another two blogger from sarikei ( my sis)
and (from bintangor)

but they are quite busy now.. wait till school holiday maybe they will write something..


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