Tuesday, March 07, 2006

View - Sarikei 1905

1905 - Sarikei Town
This is probably the oldest photo of Sarikei. Hmmm...You think I'm pulling your leg? Well, the source of this picture is Sarikei Resident's Office. The Rejang River was probably full of crocodiles then. Just imagine how hard it was for the photogragher to position his bulky camera & flash on his sampan and keep an eye for leaping crocs.
Look at the swaying palms and the laid back village atmosphere. You can visualise cows grazing & goats doing their motion.


Chen said...

This is indeed a very "kampung" looking Sarikei old photo. U have any idea this photo is taken at which year?

Daniel Yiek said...

Chen -> this is 1905 (see photo caption)

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