Thursday, March 16, 2006

View - Sarikei 1958

Sarikei Repok Road - 1958

This picture depicts the current blocks of old shophouses that you see in Sarikei. The block opposite the 3rd block (not shown) that housed the Cantonese Association & 2 kopi tiam's was sadly burnt down in the 90's and was replaced by a montrous new block. Observe the classic design of the balcony and the wooden windows in the 4th block.

Don't you love those antique cars & lorries that replaced the bicycles as the status symbols? In the 50-60's, it was slanted parking (note that there's no parking slot lines). Cars in Sarawak cost more than West Malaysia due to the extra import journey. I suspect it was imported through Kuching and then to Sarikei by road or river. When the car population exploded in the 70's, it was changed to parallel parking (2 rows - one row in each direction). The swallows from the electrcity cables above loved to carpet bomb the cars with their black & white droppings at night. The swallows were in a love-hate symbiotic relationship with Sarikei folks - you scared the shit out of them with CNY firecrackers once a year & they gave you shit 365 days a year.


Chen said...

The row of shophouses looks so familiar.. Things didn't change much in Sarikei over the past few decades.

Daniel Yiek said...

Chen: Sadly, things did change. Wait till I show the gradual changes over the years and the modifications people did to the original designs.

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