Sunday, March 19, 2006

View - Sarikei 1970

Sarikei Repok Road - 1970

Sarikei Repok Rd 2006 - Block 2. Only 1 shop has the original full length windows

The 1st block has the most narrowly spaced pillars of all blocks in Sarikei. The unique design of the balcony still exists today. The 1st shop is now a kopi tiam & a lottery shop. Between the 1st and 2nd block is an alley where a lady used to sell sugar cane juice in the 70's. The sugar cane was squashed thru a machine right on the spot. People queued up to take away iced sugar cane juice drinks in plastic bags.

The 2nd block has classic full length window designs. All, except the middle shop, have not retained the designs. There goes our heritage! The balcony of the 2nd block used to house Mei Na photo studio. Below the balcony was a kopi tiam which still exists today. Outside the kopi tiam, on a pillar, was a movie board of the 3rd mile cinema, Ta Kwang. Can someone solve the mystery of the shed in the middle of Repok Road? Is this a wet market, a goods warehouse, a police station or a taxi stand?

Folks, pls don't just read, reminisce & log off. There's a quite lot of readers judging from the counters. Pls contribute to the comments section so that this becomes an interactive community instead of a one way traffic of info from me. Pls also vote for your content in the side bar. Sarikei boleh, ok?


Chen said...

Everything here looks so "familiar" :) I still remember eating kam pua noodle during my secondary school days in the coffee tiam in this block. Kam Pua noodle during those days are very cheap..

I will ask my mum during my next trip back home whether she remembers regarding "the shed in the middle of Repok Road"?

Anonymous said...

"The shed in the middle of Repok Road" could be hawker stalls selling groceries, food, clothings etc at that time. Mind you that this is still the road junction today.

The road leading to the right (the shed area), what was it like then? Any buildings? Was that 5 storey building, (where Standard Chartered Bank used to be), Payang Putri (spelling correct?) Hotel, and the open markets (where cha loh, fried mee, Un Tao Peng etc used to sell) around at that time? If you were active in town areas, you should be able to remember.

Was there a past incident that the hawkers were not willing to move away from some place? Do you recall?

The shop section on the right of your coloured photo is belong to us. Syrikat Jansen is there.

Daniel Yiek said...

In the early 70's, both sides of the Repok Rd has the blocks of shophouses. The open air hawker center was there around the time of Standard Chartered Bank block. The Payang Puri block was up in the late 70's-81 and the games arcade craze started in that block before it was banned.

Selba said...

Got here from Chen's blog :)

Whoa... am getting to know more about Malaysia! hehehe

G Wong said...

The original windows was a lot more stylish, the top arch has multi colour glass fixture such as green, purple, orange etc., and the windows that swing open does not have any glass but overlapping wooden planks that can be open to allow ventilation.

The shed at the middle of the road is probably the taxi stand.

You mention S&C Bank, I think it is Kwang Lee Bank but at that time those block wasn't build then.

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