Sunday, March 26, 2006

View - Sarikei 2000

Sarikei 2000 circa

The most prominent architectural change you can see is the tallest building in Sarikei - the Sarikei District Council (most people know this as the zen hu (government in Hokkien) building). It's the only building with elevators in Sarikei so if you want to get high, you know where to take a ride. The Sarikei Civic Centre is the grand building with the ethnic themed roof, situated on the former padang (field). Sarikei Wharf Esplanade was beautiful with its greenery. The express boats were docked nicely at Terminal 1. Terminal 2 for Kuching & Tanjung Manis is on the right (not shown), just after the bus terminal.

The Nyelong River lazily bended its way at the top of the picture. Just look at the huge jungle foliage we have. The little crack in the jungle is the road leading to Bintagor after a short ferry ride from the Sarikei side. Bintagor can be reached in 20-30mins if there's no queue for the ferry. Bon voyage!

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