Wednesday, March 29, 2006

View - Sarikei 2002

Sarikei 2002 - Repok Road

Sarikei 2002 - View from the new Sarikei District Office

The Repok Road photo is the view of the left shop blocks which is different from the older photos of the right blocks. I speculate that this photographer is left handed because right handed people tend to take photos of the right side in a clockwise direction. OK, I can have a second job as a detective.

Car park slots & the mysterious shed in the middle of the road had been replaced by a partition of plants. The overhead electric cables had been buried underground and modern lighting had been installed. This drove our town's mascot, the swallows, to other resting places.

The 1st shop of the 1st block is still Dong Fang kopitiam (coffeeshop). Behind the coffeeshop was a barber shop facing Repok Road in the 70's-80's where a haircut would set you back 50 sen in the 70's.

In the 2nd photo taken from the tallest building in Sarikei, you can see our local "Eiffel Tower" (telecom tower), the tallest structure in Sarikei. King Kong won't be disappointed. I mean it won't be disappointed with the local beauties. What were you thinking, huh?


Chen said...

My goodness.. All these while, I didn't realise the overhead electric cables were no longer there till u pointed out..

the Laus said...

he...he... the coffeshop now stiil run by my uncle

Sim Y said...
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