Thursday, March 30, 2006

View - Sarikei 2003

Sarikei 2003

This is a spectacular bird's eyes' view of Sarikei. Look at the amazing array of rivers & tributaries. This is an ubiquitous Sarawak air view that had wowed tourists since they travelled to Sarawak in search of the legendary head hunters & eco-fantasy. The magnificent Rejang River had travelled long distances from the Pelagus Rapids in the interior of Sarawak & meandered its way slowly to the left towards the Tanjung Manis & Rejang towns at the mouth of the river leading to the South China Sea. Stay tuned for pictures of those towns in my future posts.

Find the little island formed (top left) at the river above Rejang River. If you had been paying attention in geography classes (ok, sure, nobody daydreamed in class), you will know that this island was formed when a curved river found a short cut to straighten the river over the years. Does anyone want to own a dream island with Nipah Palms & mudskippers? Finally, check out the incredibly straight road to Bintagor (south east in the pic).

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Chen said...

nice picture of bird eye view of Sarikei. I'm trying to figure out where is my old house in Sarikei :)

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