Friday, March 17, 2006

View - Sarikei Wharf Road 1950-60's

Sarikei Wharf Road - circa 1950-1960's

This is a rarely seen photo that I found in my dusty family album. I encourage you to dig into you family archives & use your digital camera to take photos of the photos using the "close range mode". There's no need to scan it. Email them to me & I will acknowledge your name (if you wished to be identified) as the contributor to this web time capsule of Sarikei. So what the heck is a time capsule? A time capsule is popular in big cities & is a sealed container with items representing that time frame like newpapers, coins, pottery & daily items. It is buried with fanfare by some VIP and is to be opened at some 20-30 years later to a new generation of people. It's like time travel.

It's a pretty sight at low tide with a few salt water trees & a log that acted as a jetty to the slow boats that ply that river villages.

It's circa late 1950's to 1960's because that's when the blocks of shophouses that exist now were up. Does anyone recognise the year this was taken? It's not 1970's as there were no TV antennae in the picture (remember "The $6M Dollar Man", "Lost in Space" & "Little House on the Prairie" days?)


Sim Y said...

I think who took this photo must have the love of photography.
1) Balance of scenery.
2) Camera was not cheap at that time.

Well taken photo.

Chen said...

I will search for the old Sarikei photos (if available) when I go back home next time :)

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