Thursday, April 06, 2006

Food - Sarikei Soursop

Sarikei - Soursop (it may be spiky but it's what inside that counts)

Soursop - Best served chilled (picture from

The soursop is locally known as ang moh durian (Caucasion durian). Kids do not like the sour-sweet taste but it is rich in fibre and Vitamin B1, B2 & C. Kids, what tastes bad is usually good for you (like vege). Sounds familiar?

It originated from the West Indies but is widely grown in the tropics now. Inside its thin leathery skin is juicy white pulp and it can have 30-100 black seeds. It can be eaten raw or made into yummy ice cream, desserts & sherbet. There are even canned soursop drinks in the market. Do your taste buds yearn for the real durian or the wannabe, the ang moh durian?

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spinosum said...

Soursop drink is my favourite! The best so far is in Home Cook restaurant in Sibu. Fresh and sweet! Anyway, haven't been to Sarikei yet.. prolly wait till the bridge is ready first lah! Fed-up waiting for that ferry service! ;)

Daniel Yiek said...

Spinosum: Durin bridge should open in April, right? Followed by Lanang bridge. Pls email me a pic of the completed bridge if you see it. I will do an article on this...and promote Sibu :)

Chen said...

this reminds me of my old soursop tree.. in the backyard of my house in Sarikei two decades ago. I don't fancy soursop during those days but now I like it :)

Hanie said...

it's also known as Durian Belanda :)
my dad told me that. it was one of my fave fruit as a kid. yep, i'm a weird kid.

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