Tuesday, April 18, 2006

News - Kuching's renovated airport opening

Kuching International Airport (KIA) - Pilgrims back from Mecca on transit to Miri (Feb'06)

Johore Airport (renovated), Feb'06- Bistro

Johore Airport Bistro, Feb'06 - Flower power

Johore Airport, Feb'06 - Beehoon & lemon tea over lifestyle magazine

Johore airport, Feb'06 - Zen inspired washroom

Kuching (Cat in Malay) airport is featured in this Sarikei blog because many of you transit there to & from Sarikei. The upgraded RM$500M airport will open on Mon, 24 April by the Prime Minister. It will move from the 4th busiest airport in Malaysia to the 2nd spot behind only KL.

I am looking for latest photos of the new Kuching airport so that you can compare with Johore's, a popular airport for Sarikei folks in Singapore. Johore's zen inspired toilet is pretty cool if you are the constipated type that stay too long in the toilet. Is Kuching airport better than Johore airport or is it full of air? Click here.

Update: Reader Chen recommended this site for panoramic views of the new Kuching airport

1 comment:

Chen said...

a friend of mine has compiled few photos of Kuching airport into panaromic view..

The new Kuching airport is really awesome.. in comparison to the previous airport prior to reconstruction.

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