Sunday, April 30, 2006

News - Sarikei-Sibu Rejang Bridge at Lanang Rd Opened

Sibu map from Google Earth - Imagine crossing the Rejang River

Sarikei-Sibu Lanang Bridge 2005 - A bridge not too far

Sarikei- Sibu queue 2006 - Before the bridge

Sarikei-Sibu Bridge 2006 - Final touches for the big launch

Sarikei-Sibu ferries 2006 - countdown to retirement

Sarikei-Sibu Lanang Bridge 2006 - launched!!!

(bridge pictures from readers Sim & Jasmin)

In the 70-80's, it was a 2hr express boat from Sarikei to Sibu (our richer cousin). When the roads became better in the 90's, people drove 1.5 hours to Sibu via 2 ferry points to cross the mighty Rejang River. Lanang ferry got you to Sibu downtown for shopping & kam pua and Durin ferry brought you to the road leading to Sibu airport. The 1.5 hours could be more than 6 hours during the Landas (monsoon season) because of flooding of the ramp area.

Now man had conquered the Rejang River with a 1220m bridge, the longest in Sarawak. It opened on 24 April 2006 but the high toll fee of RM$3 for cars and 50 sen for motorbikes drew criticism. The private company has the rights to collect toll for the next 30 years. By then, maybe Sarikei will have our own airport. A dream too far?


Dragon City said...

nice blog u having there for Sarikei. Like it alot. Keep it on bro!!

Daniel Yiek said...

Dragon, Welcome! Pls spread the word to Sarikei folks about this blog.

Chen said...

Finally, the bridge is here :) IMHO, the toll fee of RM3 for cars is not expensive.. as the bridge is indeed something very convenient and very meaningful to the Sarikei folks.

Might be, I'm so used to pay tolls over here in Peninsular.. tolls everywhere...

Anonymous said...

Great coverage on the long awaiting bridge.
I'm going back to Sarikei soon, for the election.
Hope to travel over this bridge since it's nearer compared to Durin.

Daniel Yiek said...

Interestingly some kopitiam talk has turned the toll fee into a mini election topic. People are just not used to toll fees yet.

Anonymous said...

yeahh ... Sarawakian are gifted in a way that we don't pay tolls.
At the same time, we're happy with crappy roads. *sigh*

If you ask me, I rather have the crappy road instead of "highway" in KL.
It's going to be jam anyway :) Somemore we're paying toll to jam *sigh* x2

Daniel Yiek said...

KL's jammed roads are one of the biggest "carpark" in the world. :)

Anonymous said...

Airport in Sarikei? hmm ... looking at the development progress,
it's still a long way to go. The most important factor is, we
don't as many population compared to Sibu.

I guess we have to stick to Durin / Lanang for next 10, 20 years?
My thoughts thou.

Daniel Yiek said...

Ha! in 30 years' time, maybe man can fly and there'll be no toll collected anymore

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update on the infrastructure development especially the completion of the bridge. At least it gives us some idea on how to get back to Sarikei.

Like when I took my children back few years ago. I told them we have to get an express boat from Sibu to Sarikei. They were very excited & looked forward to it. But was told no more boat service when we landed at Sibu.

Daniel Yiek said...

Ha! Express boats don't ply Sibu anymore becos of no biz lah. For those that dont drive. You can book a cab to Sarikei but you have to pay for the driver's bridge toll fees. Worth it if you have 4-5 people including kids

Anonymous said...

The rocky earth road, the ferries, the express boats...remember those good old gone by days...those days were happier without there are development but at our stage in life, sometimes we wonder about so many things...

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