Friday, April 14, 2006

Scenes: Sarikei Grocery Shopping

Sarikei 2006 - Friendly Supermarket at Sarikei-Kuching bus terminal

 Sarikei 2004 - Neighbourhood store

Shopping in Sarikei was traditionally done in the small family run shops until the bigger air conditioned supermarkets like Ngiu Kee, Swee Hung and Friendly came to town. The smaller sundry shops offer a more intimate & personal experience as the owners know your family & your usual purchases. You pay after the shopkeeper has calculated the total amount with his/her mind, abacus or calculator. Confession time: your maths is not even close to theirs. The older shops keep their coins for change in a bucket that they pull down with a ceiling pulley. Cool.

The bigger supermarkets have salesgirls watching each aisle like a hawk and if they are promoters, you will get unsolicited recommendation of new products while you are searching for your regular items. There are more product choices & you exit via modern point of sales counters. The cool part is the air con.
When the going gets tough, the tough goes shopping due they drop. Do you prefer supermarkets like Friendly and Ngiu Kee or your friendly mom & pop shops?


Londradical said...


Anonymous said...

Before Ngiu Kee, there is another one called Sarikei Supermarket (something like that) that located at current AMBank block. It closes quite early.

hehehee ... the hung coin box/tin brings my memory back when my family own one such business back in old days.

Cool website that you have!! Just one suggestion, replace/remove your background!!!

Daniel Yiek said...
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Daniel Yiek said...

Pls view with Internet Explorer only, not Mozilla or Firefox as some readers have similar issues.

Chen said...

Quote The older shops keep their coins for change in a bucket that they pull down with a ceiling pulley...
That sounds so familiar ;)

Each has their own pro and contra.. I guess the younger generations nowadays are more to the supermarket, whilst the older generations are more to the family shops :)

fred said...

my frens parents own the SweeHon, before Nqiu Kee arrive. it is the place.. now more competition, they say business is not so good. ;)

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