Sunday, April 23, 2006

Scenes: Sarikei Maternity Ward

Sarikei 2006 - Block 5, Repok Rd. Junction Repok Rd & Jalan Masjid Lama

The 5th block (Repok Road) from the Sarikei wharf may not be the cradle of civilisation but the 2nd level (1st floor) of the 1st shop (coloured yellowish orange) was the maternity ward in the 60-70's where the stork brought in many Sarikei babies, including myself. Relatives would visit the new born babies and open the home made nappies to look at the sex of the babies (*blush*). "Congrats! Oh, it's a girl/boy. So cute." Times had changed in the 70's where the sex of the babies was not so biased towards boys compared to the 50-60's where boys were preferred for carrying the family surname to the next generation.

The shops in this block included a carpenter, a bike repair shop and a watch cum shoe shop in the 70-80's. The 1st shop had the only Indian shop in town at the back where the aroma of exotic spices floated out as you walked past. The 1st shop was the only 24-hour coffeeshop (Ngee Hin kopitiam) in town in the 90's where you could savour local favourites like kam pua, laksa, chow mee and roti. The junction at this block 4 & 5 housed the 2nd roundabout in town (the 1st was at the junction of block 2 & 3). The 1st ever traffic lights were installed at this junction in the late 80's and it was a delight to be stopped by the red light in the name of novelty. "Honey, I was caught by the red light and hence I'm home 2 minutes late."


G Wong said...

It should be No. 36 Repok Road and one can just pay an Ang Pow 30 dollar for giving birth to a boy and less if it is a girl in those days. I remember the front of the shop to be selling watches in the 70s.

JW said...

Woww ... that's definitely before me.
During my time, the only memory i had is the chicken rice stall at the corner shop.

Daniel Yiek said...

JW, the laksa there is great too

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