Wednesday, April 26, 2006

View - Sarikei 2004. Bird's Eye View.

Sarikei 2004 - Guess where that boat was heading? Land ahoy!

Sarikei 2004 - Nyelong River (foreground); Sarikei River (background)

Sarikei 2004 - Crown Jewel of Sarawak, of course.

OK, belated Easter egg treasure hunt. Find Sarikei Wharf, Sarikei Civic Centre, Sarikei District Office (tallest building), Nyelong River ferry point, road to Bintagor, Sarikei Sports Stadium, Nyelong Park and the new residential area across Sarikei River. The pictures were taken with a digital camera above a government magazine. If you can locate the Pineapple landmark, I like to know where you got your bionic eye. Comments?


Chen said...

I can roughly guess the location of the above spots (recall from my memories..)

I was searching hard for the location of my house in Sarikei :D
Yeah, I saw the Sarikei water tank reservoir, I noticed the old Sarikei hospital staff's quarters.. I guess I roughly know where is my old house :)

Daniel Yiek said...

Chen, stayed tuned for better bird's eye pics from 2005 that I have not posted. Bigger, Nicer, clearer.

KVChen/Kuantan said...

Hey, many thanks for the pictures. As for locating the Pineapple landmark, no problem, could even do it blindfolded... home is just a couple of yards away ;-)

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