Saturday, April 08, 2006

View - Sarikei 2004, Repok Road

Sarikei 2004 - Repok Road

The right blocks 3 & 4 have been modified to scale vertically upwards wihout retaining the original flavour. Block 3 has a five-storey hotel which does not blend into the architecture of the remaining facade. In other countries, when people start to realise the value of heritage preservation, the government will only allow renovation provided that the original facade is kept.

Part of my childhood & teens was spent in block 3. The open space between block 3 & 4 used to be my playground where kids played on goods trolleys & other games like hide & seek, police & thief and badminton. Travelling tradesmen would converge there in the evening and banged their gong (metal drum) to signal the start of martial arts demo, snake shows, torture sessions (like touching red hot chains), black magic, fortune telling, etc, all in the name of selling the proverbial cure-all medication & snake oil. Then they would retire to their hotel rooms in block 3 for personal consultation.

I used to rub snake gall oil on my wounds instead of using antiseptic. Has any one tried snake oil? That's an alternative to the hospital's ugly blue solution (like brown iodine) used to dry wounds. When your wounds had healed, you would peel off the scar tissue with glee. Kids who played rough games often had blue patches all over their arms & legs like a blue polka dotted leopard. And that's not a new Borneo species found by National Geographic.

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