Thursday, May 18, 2006

News - Sarikei Election 2006

Sarawak Election 2006 (source: Bernama)

The 9th State election on 20 May, 2006 will have 71 constituencies up for grabs. In 2001, Barison won 61 and DAP won 1 out of 62 seats. Sarikei is in Repok constituency and Bintangor is in Maradong. Now for the good, the bad and the ugly. The good thing about elections is that every party starts to showcase its results and promises. The bad part is that each party points out what the other parties didn't do or can't do. The ugly portion in the old days were the noise of rallies, the flyers and posters of candidates glued to the walls.

In Sarikei, we have BN's incumbent, Datuk David Teng versus DAP's lady, Kung Kin Jin . In Bintangor, BN faces DAP's lady and 3 independents. Whoever wins the election, please build a Sarikei road to Tanjung Manis airport so that people can fly home directly and still have enough time to take a shower, go shopping and have laksa with Horlicks beng (cold in Hokkien) for supper.

For election background, click here. For alternative views, there's this non-official election blog which will go off the air 1 week after the election results are known, click here.


Sim Y said...


My father has been saying that Tanjong Manis will have a road connected to Sarikei when I was in secondary school. It is logical because Sarikei is closer.

Looks like they will be building bridges connecting Sibu to Tanjong Manis (that's what I heard).

That's good 8th Malaysia Plan. Yap, it's a big project.

Hurray! BN.

Daniel Yiek said...

Sibu is building direct road & bridges to Tanjung Manis.

Sarikei's plan is still not cooked!

G Wong said...

From all aspect and with respect I believe the wawasan 2020 goal is a dismay when the time comes....
Now is election time and I invite Datuk Teng and Ms Kung to give their honest accessment.

G wong said...

I remember during my childhood election was always good for Sarikei, business was extremely busy and even taxi diver got extra "KangTow". I can still recall that DAP was invited to Sarawak by our own son of Sarikei, Lawyer Chong. He was our Sarikei MP won on the SUPP plate form but was never successful running under the DAP ticket. That was the first time where Sarikei folks witness national level political figure such as Mr.Lim KS and Mr.Lee Lam Thye campaigning in Sarikei. It makes Sarikei really exciting.

Daniel Yiek said...

Bintangor (Meradong) will have a much more interesting election this time. Check out the debate on the choice of candidates in that blog with alternative views.

JiNG said...

see-ing that chemical lab...i think of MISS of my best teacher...haha...bro daniel, if have chance, help convey my salam and respect to MISS CHEN, wish her good luck in watsoever she is doing.. hehe..from:tang dung ging, her student..hehe

JiNG said...

ei...i think i mistaken u for Chen..sorry..haha..u are daniel yiek...not chen.haha..sorry

Daniel Yiek said...

Miss Chen, the teacher, is now in Kuching teaching in a Gov School for gifted locals.

Anonymous said...

How's the Sarikei folks with the World Cup, Germany 2006. Any world cup fever?

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