Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Scenes - Bintangor Part I

Bintangor - part of 6th Division of Sarawak

Sarikei-Bintangor ferry across Nyelong River - 1990

Sungei Meradong bridge along the Sarikei-Bintangor Pasi/Peta Road - 2006

Bintangor bird's eye view - 2005 (source:

Bintangor 民丹莪 is part of the 6th Division of Sarawak of which Sarikei is the capital. Bintangor is likely named after the Bintangor tree, correct? It was formerly known as Binatang (animal in Bahasa Malayisa) so Bintangor must have been a tropical jungle in the old days with wild animal sightings. The name was changed in 1984.
The new ferry service across Nyelong River in 1987 cut short the distance between Sarikei & Bintangor by 12km compared to the older road system. After you have crossed the Nyelong River, the straight Pasi/Peta Road will pass thru the Pasi-Selidap areas of agricultural land, Chinese countryside houses and Iban longhouses. Then out of the blue, you will see this pretty-in-red Sungei Meradong bridge. Ta da! Before you have warmed your seat, Bintangor beckons. Stayed tuned for next episode of the amazing Bintangor orange that's more than a mouthful.

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Daniel Yiek said...

Sungei Meradong bridge

72m span steel Concrete Bridge with an impressive arch design

Client : Jabatan Kerja Raya
Award Date : 28th December 1999
Expect Completion : 27th March 2001

The first Steel Arch Bridge fabricated in Sarawak. 72m span steel Concrete Bridge with an impressive arch design.

The turnkey project for the design and construction of a tied steel arch bridge as the permanent crossing over Sg. Meradong, Bintangor was awarded to Brooke Dockyard on the 13th of January 2000.The scope of work also involved a 780m approach road in order to complete the access to Sungai Meradong resettlement scheme.

The bridge shall create a direct link between Bintangor and Sarikei, reducing substantially the travel time by approximately one hour and also providing access to several long houses and resettlement schemes. This bridge is built using the allocation given by the State Government under the 7th Malaysian Plan.

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