Friday, May 05, 2006

Scenes - Bintangor Part II

Bintangor 2006 - Orange icon by the wharf

Bintangor is a riverine town along Rejang River between Sarikei and Sibu. Its wharf is not big because express boats in transit horned for passengers and then they moved on. The downtown can be explored on foot. The shophouses are pretty new compared to Sarikei's classic type of shophouses due to its former fires

Bintangor 2002 - Rojak hawker stall (source:
Bintangor 2002 - rojak (salad) (source:

A clock tower watches (pun intended) over the town's denizens. The old cinema has been sadly replaced by a new building. The hawker centre is reputed to have a good rojak (fruit & vegetable salad in prawn sauce garnished with crunched peanut) stall. Try the Bintangor orange juice too.  In the 1970s, Bintangor oranges cost 20 sen per kati.

Bintangor 2002 - Open air barber (source:

In the evening, head out to the nice park for a romantic stroll or a cheap al fresco haircut by the soccer field (kunting rambut di rumput!).

When Sally met Harry, sorry, I mean when Bintangor met Sarikei, Bintangor cooed, "Show me your pineapple and I will show you my orange." The Bintangor orange icon by the river esplanade is big enough to turn any other orange green with envy. The real thing is sweet & sour and has come to symbolise Bintangor. Vitamin C, anyone?


Anonymous said...

hmmm ... I love Bintangor rojak, accompany with a bowl of ABC.
It's similar to but different (for me) with Ice Kacang. I prefer
ABC though.

Oranges is still a better trademark for Bintangor. The combination
of sweet and sour is perfect when taken at the right time. Not too
ripe and not too old.

Daniel Yiek said...

ABC is really sumptuous. In the old days, we have only chendol.

Anonymous said...

Is it called chendol? or ice ball?
I recall my parents saying of holding an ice ball with syrup.

I haven't tried chendol in Sarikei.
Is it the same as the one in KL?
Blended ice with black beans, coconut milk, brown sugar and the greeny slimy thing.

Daniel Yiek said...

Yes, the green thing with red beans is chendol. Iceball with syrup is before my time lah! ;-)

Anonymous said...

oppsss ... sorry, you look "very much" matured in the miniature photo.

Dragon City said... come the rojak photo "terbalik" ? ^_^

Daniel Yiek said...

The rojak pic is upside down when I got it from the source. Maybe the rojak was too good. My Bintangor relatives were here last week and confirmed that the rojak is menang boleh tahan. Shiok stuff.

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