Sunday, May 07, 2006

Scenes - Bintangor Part III

Bintangor Wharf 2004 - check out the tyres used as jetty bumpers

Bintangor 2004 - Pavilion at the esplanade for goyang kaki

Bintangor 2004 - government office with Malay styled staircase

Bintangor 2002 - Clock tower. Tick tock, tick tock. (source:

Bintangor 2002: Pedestrian mall with fake tree truck seats (source:

Bintangor 2004: Park for makan angin

Most Sarikei folks don't go to Bintangor often unless you have relatives, friends or business there. The fake tree trunk benches at the wharf esplanade & pedestrian mall look like they are from the same contractor that did the Sarikei esplanade. Pretty well done with low maintenance needed. The government office block has a nice Malay staircase that you can still find in Malacca kampung's (villages in Malay). The nice park is 3 mins drive from town & is worth a visit.

The government must have gone through a creative process to select the new name for Binatang. Bintangor is a nice replacement, much better than, say, Orange. There's nothing wrong in naming a town after a fruit, especially if it's the town's icon. e.g. Disneyland USA is located in Orange County. However, it would sound strange in Malay to call the denizens of Orange as orang Orange, wouldn't it?


Anonymous said...

Bintangor definitely sounds better then Binatang.
However, it has different meaning when pronounced in FooChow.
Definitely doesn't sound good when referred to people living there.

G Wong said...

Most of Bintangor folks are FooChow....poor thing. I still fondly refering it as Binatang, this is the name I have know since young. Could it be that the land is curse by some higher being? Since it cannot get it right the 2nd time?

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