Thursday, May 11, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei New Shops

Sarikei 2004 - New shops opposite Ngiu Kee (Jalan Masjid Lama)

Sarikei 2006 - Shops opposite Ngiu Kee (Jalan Masjid Lama)

Sarikei 2006 - New shop blocks behind Picture 2 above. Completed 2005.

Sarikei Apr 2006 - Shops under construction next to Nyelong River crossing jetty (This picture: courtesy of reader Jasmin)

Sarikei downtown has grown about a quarter of its size over the last 2 years. The new shops don't have the character & soul of the classic architecture of the old shophouses. The increase in shops may be good news to shoppers as it mean more choices but to existing shop owners, it means more competitors for the same pie (or kom pia, if you like) which has not grown that big.

There are more banks but are there enough consumers ("Money No Enough" is an usual complaint by locals)? Some new shops sell value-for-money merchandise from China which is of reasonable quality. There are more kopitiam's (coffeshops in Hokkien) but how can business be sustained with the same folks eating out for the 4 meals (supper included) & kopi breaks. There are more apparels and clothing shops but it's the same few ladies who buy things they don't need or will never ever wear (!). Shopping therapy, anyone?


G Wong said...

The look of just another ordinary town in west M'sia. To me Sarikei has lost it soul when the Padang was re-developed to accomodate the community hall and also the basketball court removed for additional shop houses....this are the places where my generation grew and identify Sarikei. I think Sarikei lost more than her gain this years....

Daniel Yiek said...

G Wong,
I agree! All those functional & boxy blocks of shops have no differentiation and will be tough to identify with for the new generation of Sarikei folks.

G Wong said...

I think is poor judgement to buy a shop lot in S'kei which is 99yrs. The same amount of money could get you a 999yrs lot in Kuantan or Batu Pahat and best of all the population is 10 times more than S'kei and still growing.
Shsss...for the benefit of Daniel yiek's fans only.

bongkersz said...

all the new shoplots.. so far most of it still empty :D

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