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Scenes - Sarikei St Anthony's School 1974

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1974
Front block before renovation

Most folks are familiar with St Anthony's School even if you had studied at other schools because it is a landmark along Repok Road. There was no fence around it then. Fronting Repok Road were tall casuarina trees with needle like leaves. The trees were rumored to be haunted. If you looked up at night, the mist formed an eerie white translucent layer. The more than 40-year-old trees were chopped on 15th May 1984.

Before 1974, the school was mainly made of rustic wood (even the doors & windows). The main block at the front was built in 1955. Does anyone remember that huge tree (see top left picture) next to the canteen?

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1974 - after renovation

The renovation introduced cement & glass panelled windows. Spot the small path leading from the front block to the Demonstration Room Block. Check out the flag poles in front of the assembly area.

Sarikei St Anthony's School Sep 1973

Sarikei had the priviledge to host the Governor's birthday in 1974. An Anthonian arch in front of the school (more elaborate than the above) was built by the students. Part of a casuarina tree was shown. The forest in the background is now the Police quarters. Who owned that lovely classic car? Austin Morris? Vrooom! 

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1974 - Library
The library was poorly resourced but in those days, something was better than nothing. Check out the old trophies on top of the shelves and those twisted ribbons. The caption in the photo was done using a nolstagic type writer. No PCs then. Bill Gates? Who?

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1974 - Chemistry lab class in Science Block
The Science Block was built in 1960 with funds that Father Rottinghuis got from his mother. Chemistry lessons were often fun. Mr Lopez was a long serving chemistry teacher there before he retired in 1980. Dont forget the chemistry lab assistant lady who prepared all the chemicals that you played with. Can you recall the name of those long measuring glass tubes in the picture? As for the lady student with the thick horn rimmed spectacles, your glasses are back in vogue again in the 2000's!


G Wong said...

There was an incident where one of the sutdent accidentally fall while building the Anthonian arch, he was a son of one of the teacher from India. I am not sure if that is the Anthonian arch shown in the picture unless the year of the incident is correct. Not sure if anyone else remember the incident.

Daniel Yiek said...

C Wong,
I have another pic of an 1978 Anthonian arch (for Agung's Birthday, not Governor's Birthday)which I will post later. Maybe that's the one. Stay tuned.

fred said...

some great picture of my old school. how lovely...

JiNG said...

hey... i post at the wrong i copy and paste my comment again haha..
yo man... first thing of all,, ur background is interesting but make all the wording very hard to read..haha... and i remember those haunted tree..still there in 2004 when i was in upper 6...the lack Principal Tang planed on builing a dewan serba guna over there...and of coz the tree wont survive long if thats become true..but sadly..He pass away even before he carry out all of his grant trophy...damn.. wow...makes the tree more scary isnt it?? sad to think all this thing back..a week before i was being comforted by him when i lost my ping pong competition..such a great man.. damn tree...HAHA and tat chemical lab...oh man...same...almost looks the same.... i was using the same lab in 2001 to

and for election?? my opinion is..its time to change the leader... sarikei have been under him for so long but the improvement are damn slow... compare to sibu...haha... and sarikei let sibu take over tanjung manis also...tats y no more bridge to tanjung manis.. well..even if DAP win..doesnt prove that sarikei will improve TO THOSE WHO WIN....OH MAN...PLS DO UR JOB...DONT EAT ONLY...HAHA..sorry..

bye daniel

Daniel Yiek said...

The Chemistry lab is great and it's great to keep that classic look from 1960 till now.

When you say the words are not clear, do you mean the header title box or the main body box? Pls use Internet Explorer to view, not Mozilla Firefox browser. I'm still trying to figure out why Mozilla FireFox doesn't work well. I also changed the background to make it download faster becos the old template used some pictures from another website provided by teh template maker. The website is a bit faster but still slow. Trying to fix it.

Daniel Yiek said...

Mozilla Firefox browser issue is fixed so you can view with IE or Mozilla.

Daniel Yiek said...

The slender graduated tube used in a laboratory for measuring and transferring quantities of liquids from one container to another is called a pipette!

The graduated glass tube, commonly having a stopcock at the bottom, used for accurately measuring or measuring out small quantities of liquid is called burette!

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