Friday, May 26, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978 - Agung's Birthday celebration

1978 saw Sarikei celebrating Agung's birthday in grand style. St Anthony's School's students built its arch across Repok Road. Observe that the narrow Repok Road did not have pedestrian walkways. The drains were unpaved and you could catch guppies (chiat sai hu - sewage eating fish in Hokkien) and the hardy bu-yu fish. The electricity cables were all above ground then.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978 - Volleyball in action

Everything happened at the old basketball court facing Repok Road then before we have the current "new" basketball & volleyball courts. Shown is one of the top athletes of St Anthony's School (I don't mean Mr Titus, the ex-principal). This lady, daugther of Shanghai Bookstore owner, went on to represent Sarawak volleyball. Many other ladies followed her footsteps later. We also had 1 national basketball and 1 national volleyball player (both men).

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978 - table tennis team

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978 - Chinese Chess champions

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1978 - English Chess champions

You will recognise some of the ex-students here (source: Anthonian 1978 magazine). The objectives of showing these pictures are to showcase a) some of the clubs and the talent the school had, b) the type of spectacles in fashion then and c) the floppy bad hair days of the guys before gel and mousse was invented.

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