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Scenes - Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Repok Road view

Towering casuarina trees stood as sentinels to the school in the old days unlike the human guards the school employs now. Their needle like twigs filled the ground where students relaxed during breaks. The open grass area led to the old Catholic church to the left (not shown). Now it's mostly concrete car parks.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Library block. Repok Road view

The school compound had been fenced. In the extreme left, the police quarters were under construction. Behind the library block were the teachers block & the much feared principal's office. Students held much more respect for the teachers and principal then. Students often made u-turn or fled with awe when they chanced upon teachers or principal in town.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Right block. View from government quarters.

This old block used to house my Form 1 classes. Dreamy students spent their time counting cars on Repok Road. Who cared about Modern Mathematics (a+b = c)? Chinese proverbs? My favourite was "beat the bush to scare the snake".

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Behind the front blocks. View from government quarters.

The canteen on the left served mee hoon (rice vermicelli in Hokkien) which would set your pocket money back by 20 sen. The most popular treat was putting satay fish slices into kom pia (Foochow donut lookalike). Really bad nutrition for kids.

Look for the path leading from the front block to the Demonstration Room block (not shown) on the right. Spot the sepak takraw court and the huge bicycle shed (finding your bike could be a problem). The police quarters in the background had almost completed construction.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Back blocks. View from government quarters

This lovely picture depicts the Demonstration Room block on the left. The Demo Room was the first room facing us. It had tiered seats like a lecture room and was used mainly for Geography classes (who can remember the population of Burma?), Chinese lessons and debating contests (The proposition said that women should stay in the kitchen! Huh?). The "New Block" (built 1975) was in the background and the Chemistry lab block (built 1960) in the foreground. What's missing were the basketball & volleyball court. The north east corner showed the Malay kampung.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Chemistry Lab block. View from kampung.

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Back blocks. View from kampung.

Note that the kampung road was narrow and unpaved then. This kampung road led to Methodist Primary School to the left (not shown).

Sarikei St Anthony's School 1979 - Chemistry lab block. View from government quarters.

A very important building in the picture was not the Chemistry lab block but the the ladies toilet in the foreground. In the late 80's, a lily pond was built next to it and the lilies were very healthy for obvious reasons. Have you ever wondered why ladies liked to go to the restrooms in groups of 2-3?


Daniel Yiek said...

I have made some changes to the template code to make download faster as not everyone has broadband. Let me know if this is better. I have to ack reader Fred from Sarikei for helping.

Jing, do u still see problems with your browser, Mozilla Firefox?

G Wong said...

Great improvement on the speed, well done. Hope to see more Ex-Anthonian or Ex-sarikian visiting this blog and pen a few comment too.

Chuang Shyue Chou said...

I love old black and white photos of the past. The towering trees....

It's quite something. I have always wished that I have taken photos of my school in the seventies.

Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome! Each post takes me an average of 45mins to 1hr to research, reflect back, upload, write & edit. The final product may take only 5-10 mins to read but it brings back years of memories. :)

andrew said...

I like the site and picture, I am an ex St Anthonian from Form 1 until Form 3 (1982) thus the pictures bring back a lot of memories. So it was still in black and white at that time..talking about how time flies. I have not been to Sarikei for about 20 years now and will be surprise if I make another visit. I m sure some old friends are still there. I was also an ex -Methodist student as well. For info my principal was Mr. Titus

Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome! I plan to blog about Methodist pri school soon. As I'm from St Anne's pri school, pls email me any tidbits on Methodist School that you fondly remember like the canteen, the church, the playground, the classrooms, the boys brigade, etc...and any old pics welcome. I have a few but it's about the church & pastor's home

andrew said...

Glad you gonna to do that. I remember the Methodist Church very well. At that time the church was in bricks color. Behind the church its where students park their bicycles, not many could afford one at that time. Along Beside the church there was an empty land and at that time, there were constructions for new shop houses. There was an empty land between the church and a double storey classrooms building, the land was where we used to play 'sabut', it was a game every boys played those days. We had a volleyball courts after the canteen was demolished. I remember the canteen still using fire woods to prepare food. 1 pau cost only 10 sen those days and 20 sen mee hoon was a luxury to have. I used to travel along the Rex cinema and the Shell station every morning (hope those buildings still there).
Saturdays we had our classes until 10:00 am, followed usually bya game of basketball or sabut. Then we usually go to Anthonian bookstore, just across the road.

Anonymous said...

Hi Daniel

Kudos to you for thinking of Sarikei on the blog. Sure does a lot of good for people like me who have left Sarikei for more than 20 years and haven't been back.

Do put St.Anne's pictures too!

BTW, which year were you in St. Anne and St. Anthony's?


Daniel Yiek said...

1. Request for St Anne's primary School post - OK, your wish will be granted soon. Wah! Like radio song request. :) I'm looking for old photos though becos I have only new ones.

2. Which year was I from St Anne's & St Anthony's?

Not so important lah. This blog is about Sarikei, not about Daniel. My original intention was to remain anonymous with no picture but then how to build rapport with readers as a ghost writer.

3. You have not been back for 20 years! It's worth a trip back now becos it much more convenient. Fly to Sibu and take a taxi or bus over Lanang Bridge and you will be home in time for supper (roti kaya and horlicks beng) with your friends in a kopitiam and chat till the towkay close doors. Can also fly to Kuching then take a express boat during non-monsoon or take a coach (5.5-6hrs) on smooth road (no more sore ass from potholes). Car ride is about 4.5-5hrs. I have never tried Tanjong Manis airport route. If you stay in a hotel, rate is around RM$50 and comes with basic amenities.

ront said...

the lily pond near the girl's toilet is no longer there, right? that pond was dug by hands in 1992-1993, part of the project by one of the school's club (nature's club). Yours truly had contributed in digging the pond.

adam legak said...

OMG... its the chem. lab lah..... wow.. it was there since 79.... i was playing handball at the tennis court there in 96-97

edulink said...

The pond project was initiated by Gerald lee (fwe were in form 4 or 5 couldnt recall)in 1982 or 1983.

curse and swear....

edulink said...

The pond project was initiated by Gerald lee (fwe were in form 4 or 5 couldnt recall)in 1982 or 1983.

curse and swear....

edulink said...

The pond project was initiated by Gerald lee (fwe were in form 4 or 5 couldnt recall)in 1982 or 1983.

curse and swear....

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