Tuesday, May 09, 2006

View - Bintangor Part IV

Bintangor 2004 - Bird's eye view (left)

Bintangor 2004: Bird's eye view (right)

Bintangor 2004: Bird's eye view (combined)

Bintangor-Sarikei April 2006: Nyelong River crossing (courtesy of reader Jasmine)

The bird's eye view of Bintangor was taken with a digital camera above a government magazine. In the 1st picture, find the water tank tower & telecom tower. In the 2nd picture, check out the impressive sports field. In the 3rd picture, note that Bintangor is bounded by river on 2 sides only, unlike Sarikei which has rivers on 3 sides. The Rejang River (north east in picture) flowed from Sibu and headed west (in the picture) towards Sarikei & the South China Sea.

In the Nyelong River crossing photo, search for the new block of shops under construction in front of the Sarikei District Office tower. It will probably have a kopitiam (coffeeshop in Hokkien) for those who like the river view and the high of diesel fumes wafting in from the ferry. We have spent a week blogging on Bintangor. Let's hop onto the evening ferry back to Sarikei. Don't forget that bag of Limau Bintangor (oranges in Malay).

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