Sunday, May 14, 2006

View - Sarikei 2005. Bird's eye view

Sarikei 2005 overview (source:

Sarikei 2005 overview (source: government magazine)

Sarikei 2005: Nyelong River Rivew (source: government magazine)

Sarikei 2005: Sarikei River view (source: government magazine)

Picture 1 was snapped from a commercial flight. For those flying home via Sibu next time, show off your latest digital camera and its optical zoom feature and email me to post here. Check out the 4 arteries of Sarikei: Nyelong River at the top, Repok Road in the middle, the smaller Sarikei River at the bottom and the mother of all rivers, Rejang River, to the left. Look at the huge development across the Sarikei River bridge.

Picture 3: Search for Nyelong River jetty crossing, road to Bintagor, Sarikei Disctrict Office (tallest building), the new sports stadium and Nyelong Park. The upper river is Sarikei River and at the north west corner is Merudu (not shown are the newer & old Merudu bridges at CTC sawmill). Take a second to marvel at the vast hinterland & its virgin forests

Picture 4: Jalan Masjid Lama from Sugar Bun leads to the Sarikei River bridge. Locate the mosque (its position is angled vs the roads ... possibly facing Mecca?) and pinpoint St Anthony's School next to it. Make out the 2 wharves: Terminal 1 for Sibu & T2 for Kuching.

Whenever such bird's eye view of Sarikei is shown, you tend to look for your home first. Next you zoom into your schools and finally the town's landmarks. If you seek first for the town landmarks, Sarikei has a job for you as a passionate land surveyor.

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