Saturday, June 24, 2006

Food - Sarikei Sago Grubs

Sarikei Sago Grubs 2005 - Opening the sago tree trunk (source: Pejalai)

Sago Grubs - feasting on sago (source:

For those who have no clue what a sago grub is, you need to spend more time visiting the treasure trove of nature's gifts in our Sarikei pasar (market in Malay). The sago grub is a worm like larva (but not a worm) of a weevil of the beetle genus Rhinchophorus. They thrive in rotting sago trunks. To harvest them, you have to split the trunk and dig for the grub. 

Sarikei Sago Grubs 2005 - Cleaned ones,
Which is the head and butt?  
(source: Pejalai)

Sago Grub - transformed into a swan, no, ... a beetle! (source:

The grubs are composed of 3-7% protein, 10-30% fat and the rest is H2O. If not eaten, they will grow into beetles with orange tipped feelers. They love sago just like you savour the sago balls in local desserts like chendol and bo bo cha cha. For your daily delicacy with teh kosong (unsweetened tea in Malay), grab your grubs now.

Pejalai, a Sarikei blogger, has a great post here on how to harvest the cute creepy crawlies.

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