Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Civic Centre

Sarikei Civic Centre 1987: Foundation Stone laying

The foundation of the grand Sarikei Civic Centre was laid by none other than our ex-PM, Dr Mahathir on 14 April, 1987 in a ceromony. How many of you knew he was in Sarikei? It was completed in 1988 (without fence then). Was the roof originally blue before it was changed to the red one we have now? The remants of the padang (field) grass was trampled & dried up beyond recognition just after construction. (see picture).

Sarikei Civic Centre 1991: Nice landscaping added

It's debatable whether moving the historic padang to the residential suburb can attract the right level of human traffic for events, ceromonies & sports. Denizens of Sarikei naturally gravitated towards town even if they didn't know there's something going on at the old padang. There's a captive audience because the padang was the nerve centre within ear and eye reach of people who were in town.

Sarikei Civic Centre 2004: Decorative trees added

The Sarikei Civic Centre is a handsome building with nice ethnic roof design. Its huge multi-purpose hall can accomodate 1000 people for educational, cultural, social or recreational activities. It has a kopitiam (coffeeshop) on the ground floor. It's a nice addition to Sarikei 's skyline but Sarikei downtown has lost part of its buzz and heritage with the demise of the padang. And no more school sports day in town where you could stroll off to grab an ice cold soon gan (calamansi - small local lime) drink at the kopitiam's.


g wong said...

I don't enjoy the sight of this West M'sia influence..."Mega Project" introduce by Dr.M taking central stage at the Padang. The Padang came to life in the late afternoon with kids running around but that was my time.... now is lost and gone. I am sorry Sarikei folks.

Anonymous said...

wah..look at those trees...already grown tall after those years!!

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