Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Lake Park; Taman Tasik 2002-2004

Sarikei Lake Park 2002 - view from water tank tower

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Water Tank

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Pavilions with ethnic roofs

This 3-hectare park is one of the better projects in Sarikei. It opened in June 1998. It cost RM$1.4M. (updated) Originally it was empty land with a boxy metallic water tank opposite the lovely Sarikei Resident's abode. Does anyone have photos of the old tank? The park took advantage of rolling "hills" and greenery about 1 mile outside of downtown. It gives park lovers a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, walk your bored dog, smooch your nagging girlfriend or send the restless kids and grandparents to the playground for a spin. There's even a fee based toilet.

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Bridge (belian wood) over koi lake. Find the kois!

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Hawker stalls

If you love supper in a nice ambience, the park has hawker stalls. Reminder: Do not feed your satays to the kois! Is it true that there are 255 kois in the lake? In Chinese, the Mandarin word of "fish" ryhmes with "abundance" so that's good feng shui (geomancy in Mandarin).

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Kids' playground

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Modern rest stops

Sarikei Lake Park 2004 - Main entrance at Repok Road

The park may have a fancy name like Taman Tasik (Lake Park in Malay) but to the locals, it's simply known as the cui ton park (water tank park in Hokkien). It is like selecting a fancy name like Sylvester but your friends still address you affectionately as Ah Beng.


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JW said...

The park is not there yet when I leave Sarikei for my studies and I've never find the effort to visit the place *sigh*.

Looking at the place brings to my childhood memories where I used to climb and rocks and sands used to dumb at this area, watching the chopper landing opposite at the rest house :)

Daniel Yiek said...

JW, I think the rest house is still there if I'm not wrong.

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