Monday, June 19, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - 2006

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Sign of the times

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Landscaping with new plants

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Pavilion with ethnic design

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Fountain of youth

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Dancing with water
Sarikei Merdeka Park 2004 - Lights, camera, action

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2005: Fountain in its full glory (courtesy of reader Petre)

Sarikei Merdeka Park 2006 - Zen inspired squares and balls

Sarikei Merdeka Park was opened on 23rd May 2004. It is situated in front of Ah Kow's Restaurant at the former open air vegetables & fruit market. Merdeka Park has a dancing fountain, a pavilion for resting (what is the type of ethnic architecture?), a bright row of lighting (too bright to set the mood for romance) and some zen inspired squares & spheres.

It is with mixed feeling that the vegetables & fruit market had shifted to a dedicated area between the shops near the Nyelong River crossing. Denizens of Sarikei welcome progress but the bustling market was part and parcel of Sarikei shopping and it's a convenient stop after doing your other "marketing". Every morning shoppers bargained over fresh vegetables & tropical fruits. Ibans & Melanaus brought jungle products many miles outside of town to sell outside the shops. Before big festivals like Chinese New Year, goodies like fresh water fish, roasted meat, lup cheong (Chinese sauages) and siew mai (Chinese meat dumplings) were also sold. It would have been fascinating sight, sound & smell for tourists. Homemade siew mai, anyone?

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