Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Open Air Market 1991

Sarikei Open Air Market 1991 - Evoking the 5 senses

Sarikei Open Air Market 1991 - View from the old hawker food centre

The al fresco vegetables & fruits market has been around for ~15 years till the Sarikei Merdeka Park opened on 2nd March 2004. The market moved to a corridor between 2 rows of shops near the Nyelong River ferry crossing where the stalls are orderly numbered. Do you prefer the more chaotic original location or the new site for the market? 

For those hawkers without a fixed wooden stall in the old market, they set up huge yellow & blue umbrellas that shielded shoppers from the sweltering tropical heat. It was a melting pot of harmonious cultures that defined the fabric of Sarikei life. Chinese farmers promoted their fresh vegetables, flowers and bau tee (guaranteed sweet) fruits. Why did you bother asking if it's always sweet before you bought it? Malay stalls sold delicious kueh (steamed cakes), BBQ chicken, chilled bandung (pink flower?) drink and keropok (crackers). Some stalls peddled goods from Indonesia like ladles and spatulas made from polished coconust shells. 

At the Iban hawkers, you could often find wild fruits that you had not tasted before, awesome jungle durians with orange coloured flesh and edible sago grubs (fat worm like larvae). 

*Update* - There was also a pasar malam at this location.

If anyone can send in pictures of the market dated before 1991, you will get a free protein meal of creamy sago "worms" (fried or sushi style). *Slurp*


fred said...

I actually hate what the MDS put on it's location now. such a waste actually..

Daniel Yiek said...

I like the old market more than I like the dancing fountain. Why must new things replace old ones? There's so much land around Sarikei...

g wong said...

The morning market will bring the property price up in the surrounding area and if you are politically well connected this sole reason will explain why Sarikei's morning market is shifted to the shops near the Nyelong River.

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