Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Kwang Chien Primary School 1960-2000's

Kwang Chien School -concrete building construction - 1988

Kwang Chien School 2003 - Hornbills guard the treasure map

Kwang Chien School 2003 - Pavilion with hanging plants

Kwang Chien School 2003 - Is this the toilet?

In 1952, the Sarikei community contributed funding to construct a concrete building for classes, staff office, toilets and a water tank. In 1980, Primary 1 was increased to 2 classes. In 1988, 17 staff and 357 students squeezed into 9 classrooms. A new building costing RM$70K was then built. In 1991, 3 more classrooms was added at a cost of RM$23K. Total student enrolment skyrocketed to 494 with 22 staff.

In 1993, a 3-storey building was built. In 1999, all building blocks were joined by covered walkways to shelter its 764 students and 30 staff from rain or shine. In 2000, the worn out basketball court was overhauled and a clock tower was that no student has an excuse to be late?

Kwang Chien School 2003 - Do you compute?

In 2001, Astro satellite TV was installed in the old teacher's room and this room was used for music classes too. Computer classes also started.

Kwang Chien School 2003 - covered basketball stadium

Kwang Chien School 2003 - Garden of Eden

In 2002, a covered basketball court, a Science Garden and a lily pond was added.

Kwang Chien School 2003: e-Library.

In 2002, the school library had an electronic system which tracked just about every key piece of information. Hey, that storybook in your home was due 10 years ago! All computers in key rooms were then linked by IT network. Hey, kid, can you stop playing games now? And you too, teacher. Game over!

More pictures at gambar (photo) section of Sarikei Kwang Chien School website is here.


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jw said...

wow ... this school reminds of my friend. I wonder if he's still the headmaster of the school. hmm ...

jw said...

hahahaa ... he still is. Thanks for your link.

Daniel Yiek said...

Pls ask your friend to update the Kwang Chieng website (last update was 2003) or get an IT person or teacher to migrate from the old tripod website format) to some new type of website that its IT savvy kids deserve. And new pictures lah.
Show him this post. :)

jw said...

:) ... yeahh ... will definitely recommend your site to him.

Sim Y said...

The first photo of unfinished construction of building should be in 1988 (if this is correct school photo). The photo shows bigger and longer building. Further more, the photo got colours.

During the 1970s, when I was there, the concrete building block had only 6 classrooms (Primary 1 to 6, and house about 40 pupils per classroom), and 1 small store on each floor (to keep some brooms, dustbins, chairs, tables etc). There is only one staircase to the 2nd floor, at the left side, if you are facing the front of the building. It was a small building.

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