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Scenes - Sarikei Pala Munsoh Waterfall Park

Sarikei Pala Munsoh Waterfall Park 1999
Pala Munsoh Waterfall Park is not a well known treasure of Sarikei simply because folks don't know how to get there. The only information I found is that it's 70 km from Sarikei downtown whereas its better known sister, Sebangkoi Waterfall Park, is 25 km from Sarikei. Our teacher brought us trekking on unpaved mud paths to a much bigger waterfall than Sebangkoi Waterfall during the late 70's but I'm not sure whether this is the Pala Munsoh Waterfall as I didn't have a camera then. We passed by Ibans carrying their daily harvests while we hiked and they gave us directions. Pala Munsoh Waterfall Park is an alternative eco-toursim stop for those who prefer an adventure instead of the tamer Sebangkoi Waterfall Park.
Is there a brownish red tourist signboard for Pala Munsoh waterfall along the Pan Borneo Highway? Brownish red signboard is an international colour standard for tourist places of interest and you can see several new signboards as you drive from Sarikei to Kuching. If anyone has been to Pala Munsoh Waterfall, please waterfall the directions to us in the "comments" section so that we can talk a walk on the wild side.
Pala Munsoh Falls early 1970's: Reader Terence getting high & wet
Reader Fred (see comments section) advised that Pala Munsoh means Enemy's Head in Iban. There are 2 routes to go there:
  • a) Enter via Bayong Road. A government website said it's a 45min trek from the nearest longhouse to the falls. OR
  • b) Trek from Sebangkoi Falls. If anyone knows more details, pls post comment.

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Sim Y said...

Finally, there is some place that I never been there.

lynnx01 said...

Hi there! My first time dropping by here. It is great to see people blog about Sarikei. I came from Sarikei but never stayed enough to learn about the small town. But fret not, it is so small I don't think I would get lost there. HEhe! Anyway, everyone knows everybody in Sarikei. Am I right?

KevLuke said...

Hello! I'm Kevin Sia from Sibu. My ex-hometown use to be in Sarikei, now staying in Kch. Are you a 1955 baby? If so, means same batch as my dad who's from Bintangor but studied at St.Ant. His teacher was Mr. Lopez. Juz part of my story I hear from him =P Good job with the blog!

fred said...

wong palak munsoh which literally translated to "Enemy's Head Rapid/Waterfall" the Iban's use "wong" to say waterfall and rapids. Actually you need to enter from Bayong road and go further down then jungle trek to the waterfall, I've never been there but my uncle who live in Ulu Bayong know. There is another route which is from Sebangkoi area, which lead to the same place but different path. Try to check it out using google earth software..

Daniel Yiek said...

Welcome! it's no longer true that every one knows everyone in S'kei as there are incremental generations now. It's true that you wont get lost in downtown but the newer suburb across Sarikei bridge is quite a maze.

Kev Luke,
I'm much younger than your dad lah. Mr Lopez taught many years of Sarikei folks. One of the best teachers that moulded many students

Great insights on the mystery of this waterfall. Try to find out more and feedback here. I'm sure many Sarikei folks want to visit reader Sim & I.

Anonymous said...

I am sure I was on that trip with you Daniel. The waterfall is wonderful and very high up . I remember nearly falling down from the top by slipping on the foot path. I have still got one picture of myself taken at the opening of the waterfall at the top. The background is very brown and surreal. Maybe it is my camera.....Watch out for black magic.....Terence

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