Thursday, July 13, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort

Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort 2003 - Main entrance at Sarikei-Roban Road
Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort 2003 - First impression counts.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort 2003 - Chalets on stilts of different lengths

Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort 2003 - Water & greenery.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Country Resort 2003 - It always looks nicer on the postcard.

Phase 1 of the Sebangkoi Country Resort (near Sebangkoi Rimba Park) was completed on 5th Sep 2003 . Two hornbills (Sarawak's state bird) stood as sentinels at the main entrance at the Sarikei-Roban road. There are chalets designed in the ethnic style of the Iban longhouse. There are 8 rooms that can accomodate 10 persons each. Phase 2 & 3 have plans for a seminar hall, prayer hall, 2 shops, 15 food stalls and drum roll please, 300 spieces of herbal and fruit plants (from inside & outside Sarawak) to be planted.
If anyone has used the chalets before, please post comment on quality of accomodation and amenities, costs and method of booking. How was the night experience of staying in isolation close to a tropical jungle? Did you see real hornbills? If not, did the hornbills see the real you? 

Last known booking contact: +6 019 8772928 (Tang Yew Seng)

More information here (in Bahasa Malaysia).


JW said...

I still love the original Sebangkoi where you need to hold tight to the tree trunk and slowly walking down the slope. At the end of it, a pool with a stream flowing water down the pool. hmmm ... swiming in the pool never felt spokier hahahaaa ... but fun though ...

Remember the history of a soldier who dived (I wonder what is in his mind then) from the edge and killed himself? hmm ...

And I heard if you walked up-stream, there's another waterfall ... never been there though.

Daniel Yiek said...

There are 2 schools of thought. Some people like the modern convenience and also to show progress of Sarikei. Some people especially well travelled folks like eco-tourism where things are less structured with the lement of surprise.

Wow, I didnt know a soldier died there but there were rumors of water ghosts as far as I can remember as a kid.

The 2nd waterfall is Pala Munsoh Falls. Click on the June archives in sidebar to read that post.

JW said...

I see. So that's the name of the second waterfall that you mentioned in earlier post. hmmm ...

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