Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Sebangkoi Rimba Park 2002-2004

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2002 - low tide

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2002 - Taking the plunge?

Sebangkoi Waterfall, 25 km from Sarikei downtown, has been known to Sarikei folks since the 1960's or earlier. It's probably found by land surveyors hired by the folks who built the old Sarikei-Roban road through the tropical forest. Does anyone know what Sebangkoi Rimba mean? In the 70's, students took bone rattling bus rides on unpaved roads to picnic there and swim in the clear water. The favourite dive was swinging off a Tarzan-like vine and bombing the pool. Later rumors surfaced that the pool was haunted with cui kui (water ghosts in Hokkien) who would pull down a victim a year. True?

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2004 - Man-made pool greets visitors at the entrance. Find the crocodile.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2004 - Then go down these steps. What goes down must come up. 

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2004 - Then cross this algae covered bridge over the meandering stream

It was later converted into a park on 4th May 1991. The park has 50 acres of forests with steep slopes, a rocky stream and a small waterfall that jumps into a cool pool. About 15 acres had been cleared and modern amenities like BBQ pits, rest stops and toilets were introduced.

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2004 - Then be lured by sound of water leading to the falls. Splash, baby, splash!

Sarikei Sebangkoi Park 2004 - Postcard like scenary

Nature lovers like to soak in the trickling water, the cool air that smells like a forest, the serene ambience and the chirping of insects. Since this is a modern park, maybe the diverse tropical flora should be tagged with the names & characteristics of the plants like a botanic garden for educational purposes. After all, we don't want people to come here just to smell romance in the air.
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lynnx01 said...

Didn't know such nice nature exists in Sarikei. I always remember Sebangkoi as "se mang kui" instead. Lol..

My parents studied in St Anthony in Sarikei. I was born in Sarikei. My grandparents used to stay at Taman Fortuna.

fred said...

^-^ hohoho...Sebangkoi the smooching heaven :). You should bring along DSLR with soom lens..

Sebangkoi was a very great place to go. I still remember back in the 90s when my sis and I go there to play in the stream. Usually that waterfall is FULL with people but now it seem less people go there. It feel like a carnival before but now you only see couples "trekking" into the jungles. But the new chalet built ala longhouse is a nice improvement. :)

g wong said...

I guess all this waterfall relates to another piece of Sarikei history, the communist use to hide in such areas? Was Sarikei a stronghold of the communist in the 60s & 70s? Please submit your answers and pictures to Daniel Yiek, guardian of Sarikei's history.

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