Thursday, July 06, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Sebangkoi Rimba Park 1990

Sarikei Sebangkoi Rimba Park: circa 1990

Sarikei Sebangkoi Rimba Park was officially opened circa 1990. Every weekend the park was filled with people coming for a stroll or a BBQ. Gradually the novelty factor wore off and now if you go there, it always a peaceful haven to contemplate life, medidate, perform yoga or just a hush hush place to plant a kiss or two on your significant other. If you are an avid photographer, only your creativity limits the close up photos of flora, fauna...and the smooching.

The yellow book cover on the sidebar is a spoof of the book cover of the popular Dummies series. eg: there may be a book called "Internet for Dummies". Do you like it? Boleh tahan?

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