Sunday, July 30, 2006

View - Sarikei Harbour View 1960's-2006

Sarikei Harbour View - 1965 circa

This rare gem of Sarikei was likely around mid 1960's because there's no Sarikei harbour yet and no ubiquitous modern express boats that dominated the harbour in the 70's. The telecom tower had a differently shaped platform at the top compared to the one in the 90's. The classic shophouses were slightly past their full glory then. Some shophouses had their roofs repaired with different shades of tiles. Leaky roofs were common if you had stayed in a shophouse before. Can anyone recall what those 2 shanty buildings were on the extreme right fronting the harbour? I recall that there were hawkers stalls selling fruits and chicken. Or were those hawker stalls even further to the right of those buildings?

Sarikei Harbour View - 2006

This photo was used as the header for this blog - what a change versus 1960's!

Sarikei Harbour Night View - 2005 (courtesy reader Petre)

This interesting picture was taken with a good digital camera with high ISO sensitivity to low light and steady fingers which prevented blur photos. Readers, keep them coming!

Sarikei Harbour View - 2006 (from speedboat to Tanjung Manis)

When you need an adrenalin rush, hire a speedboat for a spin. Nothing beats fresh salty breeze zooming past you. Makan angin cum suntan, anyone?

Check out the latest kopitiam food prices and other tidbits at Pejalai's Sarikei guide for dummies here.


fred said...

great job.. we want more... can you compile all the photos you already published in your blog in a cd.. we love to own a copy if you don't mind.... :)

Ang Gu Gu said...

lol..nice..nice views photo man =) keep up the job

Daniel Yiek said...

Ang Gu Gu,
Welcome! this week was busy travelling on business so late with my new posting. Dont forget to send in new & old Sarikei photos when u find them in your family albums. Then we can keep this blog alive. :)

swift drops said...

Sarikei harbour view but does anyone took notice of the little crabs that is a natural inhabitants of the muddy river bank along Sarikei's water front? This crabs has only one big claw and the other a much smaller little claw. The local boys called it "Jipun-Kamak" or simply Japanese crab. I think someone got to make studies and keep record of such enviromental and ecologically important natural inhabitants of Sarikei. I won't be surprise if the new generation doesn't spot them anymore as you need enviromentally conscious population to keep such living things alive.

Daniel Yiek said...

Swift drops,
And those little transparent "swordfishes" and mudskippers. I saw mudskippers in a bucket for sale in a Chinese Restaurant in Shenzhen, China. Can't believe people eat this!

Chen said...

never noticed the jipun kamak previously but I remembered the mudskippers in the muddy river bank :)

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