Sunday, August 20, 2006

Food - Sarikei jellyfish and dried shrimps

Sarikei dried shrimps 2006

Sarikei is blessed to be near the sea & rivers. Besides the daily fresh seafood, you can buy preserved ones like dried shrimps (hay bee in Hokkien). You can squash the hay bee in a mortar and use them to stir fry vegetables like wild belian or kang kong. Local bakers love to add them into steamed yam cakes (kuih in Malay).

Sarawak jellyfish catch 2006 (source: Dolphins of Sarawak)

There are 3 main species of jellyfish in Sarawak. The white jellyfish season is from Mar to Jun while the red species season is from Oct to Dec. The harvested jellyfish are sold for 50-80 sen each and each boat can catch 50-100 jelly fish on a bountiful day. They are then processsed and preserved in saline water. They are either consumed locally or exported to countries like Japan.

Sarikei jellyfish 2006: processed

Remember how the sellers in the Sarikei wet market used to sell jellyfish in one corner together with the homemade tau foo (beancurd in Hokkien) and tau geh (bean sprouts)? They used to wrap the tau foo and tau geh in big leaves from the forest before the introduction of plastic bags.

The jellyfish are washed and cut into smaller pieces before being served. They are best dipped into a potent mix of soya sauce, chopped garlic and local lime (calamansi). Anyone for a piece of gelatinous, tentacled marine coelenterates? Or have your legs turned jelly at the thought?


The annual headache of haze has returned. Sarikei had an air pollutant index (API) reading of 119. Details here.


Sim Y said...

I had been to the Jellyfish factory (there are a few of them) somewhere near to the river mouth of Rejang River 10 years ago.

The place is only accessible by small speedboat takes about 2 hours ride. If you like bumpy rides and muddy Rejang water. This is for you.

The jellyfish are treated (i think with salt, and some are not) and put in large open containers. They are graded the export type and for local type.

Daniel Yiek said...

I saw one picture of a Sarawak jellyfish "factory" on the internet but it looked more like a shed. :)

ront said...

just 3 weeks ago, I was at the market and an unusually low price of jellyfish for RM6/ brother said its usually RM9 to 10 a kg

Daniel Yiek said...

Jellyfish fishing to promote tourism at Gerigat?

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