Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Clock Tower

Sarikei Clock Tower 2004 - against background Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1

Sarikei Clock Tower 2005 - against background of Sarikei Wharf Terminal 1. Note the new paint. (source: reader Petre)

Tick tock, tick tock. The Sarikei clock tower was built in 1973 to commemorate Sarikei's promotion to a Division (6th Division). The plaque listed 10 sponsors. Its completion in 1974 was declared open by the 3rd Chief Minister of Sarawak, Datuk Haji Abdul Rahman Ya'kub on 29th June 1974 and has stood as sentinel to the town ever since.

Sometimes the four clocks worked in tandem and sometimes one or two faces decided to makan angin (take a break) and refused to tell time. It was more for commemorative purpose than for telling the time anyway because everyone had a watch and later in the 90's, many have handphones which double up as watches.

Sarikei Clock Tower 2004 - against background of Rejang River & nipah palms

Sarikei Clock Tower 2005 - against background of Sarikei Wharf Road shops. Note the missing clock. (source: reader Petre)

Sarikei Clock Tower 2006 - against background of Rejang River & nipah palms

It got a new coat of earthy coloured paint in 2005 which looked better than the pale white in 2004. The clock facing Rejang River was replaced with an emblem of the Sarikei District. It's not known whether this was done on purpose or whether the clock was beyond repair and there's no matching clock available. Will this clock tower stand the test of time and remain as one of our newer heritage icons? Time will tell. Tick tock, tick tock.


swift drops said...

From my memory this was unveiled sometime in 1973 or 1974 by the then CM Tun Yakute but certainly the record can be traced. This landmark is useful if you have a visitor who isn't familiar with the town and you can ask her/him to wait at the clock tower and no excuse to miss the time too. Is he Tun Yakok, Yakut....anyway he is the uncle of the present CM.

Daniel Yiek said...

There are a few readers who work in the shops close to the clock tower. Pls walk over and read the plaque at the base for the year and the occasion...and drop a comment for this time (no pun intended).

长竹 said...

The plaque with history was stolen last week, if I am not mistaken.

Daniel Yiek said...

Chang Zhu,
wow! I guess it ended up been sold to scrap metal vendors. Once Sarikei's walkway along Repok Rd towards SMB Anthony's had stainless steel barricades with shiny knobs (head) on each pole and the knobs were gone after a while.

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