Sunday, August 06, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Club's demise 2006

Sarikei Club 1979 - Teens quenching their thirst after a game. Find the old basketball court in Picture 1's background.

The clicking sound of mahjong tiles could be heard as you approached the Sarikei Club. It had been around since the late 60's or even earlier. If anyone knows the history of the club, please comment. It had just been demolished and some construction is going on (for another row of shops?). I hope that they had saved the old photos of the club house which were on the wall. The Sarikei Club was next to the Sarikei soldiers' camp and just behind the Sarikei Chamber of Commerce.

Sarikei Club 1979 - barefooted Sampras wannabe. Check out the old houses on stilts in the background.

Adults loved to play cards and mahjong in the non-airconditioned room. There's a canteen counter where you could order your usual kopitiam drinks. It had the first tennis court in Sarikei. Ok, that's great for snob appeal. Later tennis courts could be found at the police quarters next to St Anthony's School and the government quarters next to the fire station. I often sneaked into Sarikei Club with my childhood friends to play ping-pong at one of the few tabletennis table in town in the early 70's. I think there was a billiard table too. I last saw the club house in Jan 2006 and it was weather beaten with diehard faithfuls still patronising it. Should Sarikei have retained a piece of history? As they say in tennis, "Advantage, new development"?


Swift drops said...

It was probably started by the British administration for the government servants probably in the early 60s and continue under the new administration when S'wak was "annexed" by M'sia in 1963. You could see mainly teachers, wife of "TwaKow" (Police Officer) and other government post holder patronizing the place. I think the tennis court was only added in the early 70's.

G Wong is replaced by Swift drops to keep complete anonymousity.

Daniel Yiek said...

Swift drops,
Good feedback!

If you know the anyone who has access to those old photos of the club, pls email me the pics at

fred said...

oh.. I've seen the construction worker building some beam on the club site. All I know it was frequented by the local Taiko to play cards :). But luckily the colonial building beside it was still intact and converted into a food court.

Daniel Yiek said...

Stay tuned for the upcoming post on Sarikei Chamber of Commerce. I found a very old photo. That building has a lot of history. If that gets demolished, a huge part of Sarikei history goes with it.

Sim Y said...

I heard Sarawak Club was completely burned down. I was fortunate enough to attend my sister's wedding in June.

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