Saturday, August 26, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Pineapple Statue

Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2002 - Repok Road view. Is that red roofed shed a taxi booth or a police shed? Find the TV statellite dish. The clock tower had white paint.
Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2003 - Rejang River view.  
Note the walkway along the river esplanade.
Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2004 - Repok Road View. 
The red shed was removed. The statellite dish had rotated.
Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2005 - Rejang River view. Find the express boats.

Sarikei is the undisputed centre of pineapples in Sarawak. A 3.6 metre tall iconic statue beckons sea farers at the Rejang River waterfront. It was designed by Michael Wong Toh Huong and built in the late 80's (actual year?). A Pineapple Festival (Pesta Nanas) has been held every year since 2003 but starting 2006, the festival has been renamed Pesta Sarikei and will be held twice a year to focus beyond just the food basket aspects of Sarikei. The March festival, "The Spirit of Sarikei", featured activities of the locals and the development programmes that had moulded Sarikei. Another festival will be held at the end of the year.

Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2005 - Wharf Road View. The clock tower had yellowish orange paint.
Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2006 - Repok Road View
Sarikei Pineapple Statue 2006 - Rejang River View

Sarikei has 52.9 hectares of Nanas Madu (Honey Pineapple), the variety that is associated with Sarikei. Sarikei's annual production of pineapple was 1,014 tonnes with a sales value of RM$1M. As of Sep 2005, Sarawak was looking for investors to develop its pineapple industry. The state government was ready to provide an area of at least 2,000 hectares for each investor to plant pineapple and start a cannery. Budding entrepreneurs, don't let this opportunity pine away!


Sim Y said...

When first come to Singapore many years ago, Singaporeans asked me my favourite fruit.

I said pineapple. They were surprised. Because pineapple doesn't look friendly, and taste a little sour.

Then I discovered that Sarikei pineapple is very different from those Singapore sold in supermarkets.

Sarikei pineapple is the world best, believe it or not.

Chen said...

Sarikei pineapple is the best :)
Juicy and sweet, but cannot consume in huge amount - moderation is the keyword :)

swift drops said...

I won't go to the extend to say Sarikei's pineapple is the best but I would say is one of the best.
In S'pore you could get a few variety of pineapples and the one called honey pineapple is very good too. Also pineapples from oceanic countries are wounderful as well, the Mauritius pineapple is really small but is also one of the best. What about pineapples from Latin America? I won't discount that. Unless the Sarikei pineapples could reach the international market otherwise only the locals could enjoy them.

fred said...

sarikei pineapple + pork small instestine = yummy....

KVChen said...

Much as I love our Sarikei pineapple (I even brought some seedlings over to Kuantan), I must admit the pineapples from Sao Paulo/Brazil are even sweeter & crunchier. I was so crazy over the succulent pineapples I just had to have them for breakfast, for lunch & for dinner during my one week stay there some years ago. The pineapples were served in large chunks (2" thick cross-sectioned), from that I guess the size probably that of Kuching pineapples.
Even their raw carrots & cucumber tasted sweet...just wondering, could it possibly be due to the weather or soil?

Daniel Yiek said...

KV Chen,
Welcome! Hope the Sarikei pineapples grow in Kuantan.

Let the debate on pineapples continue. Personally, I like the small round pineapples better (sweeter) though they are not from Sarikei but Sarikei pineapples bring back nice memories as you bite into it. :-)

swift drops said...

I have been to the biggest pineapple farm which is across the S'kei town and about 2km up river. The land is special because is a delta formed by accumulation of death wood flown down stream over thousands of years. I might be correct to say you could not get the same pineapple anywhere else unless the vegetation is similar.

Daniel Yiek said...

Swift drops,
This can be part of the Sarikei tourist sights. :) eg. In Hawaii, the pineapple plantation has a tourist visitor centre that sells dried & canned pineapples, pineapple alcohol and souvenirs.

Lucy Wong said...

nice to be looking at my own hometown once in a while... good and informative blog.. keep it up..

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Anonymous said...

Wow... I never knew my father designed this landmark.

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