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Scenes - Sarikei toilets evolution

In the 50's, Sarikei village houses had pit toilets with a deep hole in the ground for the natural decay of sewage. In town the shophouses of the early days had toilets built over the Rejang River.  In the 1950s the shophouses had a bucket toilet next to the bathroom. Basically you should dump your by products into a hole in a raised platform into a bucket below. Kids would do their business into a spitoon (tham poo) and the adults would pour them into the bucket. In the wee hours of the morning, a waste collector would open a metal flap at the back of the shop house to collect the waste manually and he would move from shop to shop with 2 buckets dangling over a rod on his shoulders. In the 70's, flush toilets were introduced and the shops removed the metal flap and sealed the hole. You could still see a rectangular patch of unpainted cement at the back of some old shops in the 90's.

Sarikei Public Toilet 2004 - Rejang River Esplanade. From free to fee based.

In the 70's, a free public toilet was built at the Rejang River esplanade next to the bus terminal. In the 80's, fee based entry was introduced. In the late 90's, this toilet was renovated to answer nature's call and the entry was moved to face the Rejang River. There's even a VIP toilet section (does it have gold plated taps & seats inside?). Click here for press release.

Sarikei Public Toilet, June 2006 - Nyelong River Esplanade (Source: Reader Lai Chee)
Sarikei Public Toilet, June 2006 - Flower Power
Sarikei Public Toilet, June 2006 - Fruitti Tutti

In 2006, innovative design was implemented in a new public toilet along Nyelong River. With such a refreshing ambience, you don't have to worry about constipation. When you gotta go, you gotta go, baby.

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jw said...

wow ... the public toilet looks wonderfull. Very children friendly. Encourage them to pee there instead of the drain. I wonder how much money spent in building that. Reminds me of the RM1 million toilet over here.

Daniel Yiek said...

Ha!! RM$1M toilet at your area? Which town? There are nice open air toilets at Singapore zoo. After you hv stepped into the door, it's like entering an open air forest but still offer protection from peeping toms.

长竹 said...

I heard that the entrance fee is RM1.00 each time. We need no paper as the water will wash itself clean.I wonder if it likes Singapore's ones. Once we finish our "task", the water rushes down itself loudly. That really scared me when I was using the toilet during my 1st time in S'pore.
I will like to visit local one once, otherwise don't know the truth!

swift drops said...

In those old days the waste collector was a Foochow and I think he has some neurological problem as he walks with a limp, common sight of stroke patients.
No body think highly of him but he had done a great job for S'kei. Tribute to my waste collector, I still remember you...thank you for a job well done.

S'pore has an excellent waste collection system that will eventually provide the future generation with "New Water", I have tasted it and I have no problem accepting it. :)

I think M'sia will run into water problem sooner than expected, the government is only coming to the point when they run into a problem.
Just imagine the underground pipe in KL was installed by the British
and today they are still in use. :(

Daniel Yiek said...

Auto-flush toilet is good for passing water but not for passing motion because before you hv finish doing your business, you can not move or else it will auto flush every time you move. :))

In Japan, the toilets have seat warmers, fragrance, bidets to wash butts and even fake flushing noise to cover up for disgusting bombing noise! ;-)

Swift drops,
I hv tried S'pore's NewWater too. Couldn't tell the difference vs normal water but I guess it's still not economical yet.

That's bad news. I visited Sarwak Club 2 years ago, lunched there and toured the gym.

Chen said...

I never realise there is a new Sarikei Public Toilet.
Looks great and make the Nyelong River Esplanade more colourful & lively :)

jw said...

Bravo daniel, another great post!! Discovering extra-ordinary out of ordinary Sarikei.

Dunno where is this million dollar toilet located. Never bother to find out. Who need it when we have a good one in Sarikei ;) ...

KVChen said...

Ahhh...the next trip back to Sarikei I must do the toilet round ;-)

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