Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Festival - Sarikei Moon Cake Festival

Mooncake 2006 - Red Bean (tau sa) paste

Moon cake festival or mid autumn festival (Zhong Qiu Jie) is celebrated every year on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar when the full moon is at its brightest. In 2006, it'll be on 6th October. Chinese legend has it that messages were hidden in mooncakes for the uprising against the rule of the Mongols. Other tales include the mythical Chang Er, 10 suns and the jade hare prancing around on the moon. Are you moonstruck yet?

Mooncake 2006 - Green Tea (left) and Lotus seed paste (right)

The traditional flavours are red bean, lotus seed paste and mixed nuts and seeds. The new flavours are only limited by the creativity of the bakers - green tea, cappucino, tiramisu, durian, chocolate, ice cream, etc. That's enough to send you over the moon. Take it easy on the cholesterol laden egg yolks which are supposed to represent the moon.

Neil Armstrong said after he set foot on the moon, "One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". Chang Er said after she set foot on the moon, "One tiny step for mankind, one giant leap for mooncakes."


Check out pictures of the 2nd Sarikei Festival of 2006 by Hornbill. The former Pineapple Festival has been renamed as the Sarikei Festival and is held twice a year. Good move to promote the town and inject vibrancy into Sarikei.


swift drops said...

Let me recall mid autumn festival during my time in Sarikei. The moon cake was really lousy as compare what we can get now. The best then were the one from Kuching by one called Wing Hong, we don't have a better choice and so we really thought that was the best moon cake. The only moon cake that was made in Sarikei during those days was a shop at Wharf Rd called Sung Hing, anyone can recall how it tasted?

Daniel Yiek said...

Ha!! I remember the Sung Hing bakery at Wharf Rd (my classmate's shop). The gong bia was yummy. As a kid, I liked mooncake simply because it's sweet so I was more concerned with quantity, not quality. I read that each mooncake is about 700-1000 calories! I observed the making of mooncake with a mold...tough work.

swift drops said...

I can't recall Sung Hing selling Gong Bia but the one at Repok Rd opposite to the maternity ward is certainly the place for Gong Bia. I think is N0.35 Repok Rd.

Daniel Yiek said...

Swift drops,
Yeah, that shop you mentioned had great gong bia..especially the soft powdery ones.

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