Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Second Hospital

Sarikei Second Hospital 2006

What's up, doc? In 1961, Sarikei's second hospital started construction and was officially open on 22 Dec 1962 by Leong Ming Tak, the chairman of Sarikei District Council. It took over partial work from the first hospital with 40 beds.

In 1974, a maternity ward was built. By 1982, the numbers of beds had increased to 108

Public healthcare in Malaysia is heavily subsidised by the government but the waiting time is much longer compared to the private GPs. Private GPs like Dr. Yap had worked in this second hospital. Behind the roundabout is the registration counter. On the left (not shown) of the photo was a helicopter landing pad for emergency use and rural healthcare. On the right (not shown) of the photo was a mortuary.

The silty Sarikei River beckons a few steps beyond the water tank (left in the picture). A dilapidated jetty stands next to a village of squatters. The road behind the hospital connects to the Malay kampung (village), Friendship Road & Hua Tai Road. The second hospital is now a polyclinic for outpatients, pre-natal checkups and dental appointments. (Update: The second hospital has ceased operation in 2008). The rest of the functions have moved to the new third hospital in 2006.

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004 - construction phase

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004 (downtown is at northwest of the picture)

The above pictures show construction of the mega third hospital of Sarikei, situated across the Sarikei River from downtown, in the new residential area. How does the completed hospital look like? Now open your mouth, stick out your tongue and say, "Wow!". Stay tuned...


Borneo Breezes said...

Thanks for the early history of the hospital. I would be interested in even earlier what people did for emergency care.

JW said...

hmm ... been hearing about the 3rd sarikei hospital for a while. What is the completion percentage now?

burunghelang said...

This is where my grandmother passed away.

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