Saturday, September 16, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Third Hospital

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004

And then there's the new kid on the block...drum roll please. Sarikei's third hospital started construction on 1 July 2001 on a 38-acre land and was officially opened on 15 Feb 2006. This mega project cost RM$250.4M .

The hospital is equipped with 212 beds but after initial opening only 112 beds was operating.  Now Sarikei Hospital is operating with 168 beds. The hospital has planned in the future to accommodate 268 beds.

For better healthcare, Sarikei folks used to travel to Sibu or Kuching hospitals. In the unfortunate situation of emergency cases, it's an arduous journey by road, river or helicopter. Has the time finally arrived for Sarikei to get better healthcare services? Sarikei has produced several doctors. One of the top neurosurgeons in Malaysia, Dr. Wong Sii Hieng, was an ex-Anthonian. He works in Kuching's Sarawak General Hospital.

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004

Sarikei Third Hospital 2004

With Sarikei getting more developed, the associated health problems with more affluence (poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, etc) will increase. The population also has a higher number of aging people compared to the early days. Does the new hospital have enough nurses, doctors & specialists?

If you have a flu, who do you gonna call? Your traditional sinseh, bomoh or your western trained doctor? The one who can give MC (medical chit).



Read about the Sibu-Sarikei trip of a foreign community medicine specialist teaching in Sarawak.


swift drops said...

WOW! RM250.4M to build this hospital? Did that include an unit of MRI machine? If not the level of health care as compare to the amount spend won't justify. Pay me RM100M & I will provide you a hospital with A&E together with 10 specialist department.

Borneo Breezes said...

Thanks for the link. It's good to see someone keeping local history alive.

Daniel Yiek said...

Can any reader confirm the cost of RM$250.4M for this hospital? I could not find the URL of the article I read on this hospital (as it was some months ago).

Borneo Breezes,
Thanks for coming to Sarikei Hospital for the visit/training. Come back again and try the kam pua and laksa noodle. I assume you are from Canada from what I read at your blog.

Daniel Yiek said...

Found a news article and updated the link in the post on the cost of this RM$250M hospital.

swift drops said...

OMG! RM250.4M
Let say each shop house cost RM0.5M and you have about 50 shops houses along Repok Rd, another 20 along Wharf Rd, 15 along Central Rd. Well, well, well....anyone can tell me if there are 500 shops houses in the town? could buy the whole town plus a budget of RM0.4M for life long supply of your favourate Kampun, the clock tower and the big pineapple too. Haha!

Sim Y said...

The question is.. Is this the biggest hospital in Sarawak now? What future development in Sarikei will justify this? Thanks for the 50 years look ahead.

ront said...

unfortunately i heard the hospital is under-utilized and much for healthcare improvement in Skei.....guess where most of the RM250M goes to??

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