Thursday, September 28, 2006

Scenes - Sarikei Wharf Sunset

Sarikei Wharf Sunset 2005 (source: Petre)

ou don't have to go to the beach to catch the romance of dusk. This scene of Rejang River from Sarikei Wharf esplanade captured the last sun rays. A sampan (boat in Malay) made its way home leaving a trail of waves in its wake. The nipah palms moulded into layered foliage in the velvet background.

Sarikei Wharf Sunset 2005 (source: Petre)

This lonely silhouette of a ship was outlined against the sunset. The folks who lived on board had likely finished savouring their dinner which was cooked on the ship. The river breeze would disperse the stir fried smell. They would then shower merrily on board in the open air in their undergarments by scooping water off a container. The bobbing motion of the river and the soothing sounds of the waves would then lull them into dreamland. zzzZZZ.

Sarikei Wharf Sunset 2004 (source: Petre)

This spectacular sunset had a riot of colours from black to yellow and the all shades in between. The reflection off the Rejang River shimmered in gold. Is this the colour you dream in? For those couples at the Sarikei Wharf esplanade, let the cuddling begin...


Daniel Yiek said...

The blog counter has exceeded 3000! Keep the comments coming to share your Sarikei experience. Dont be shy. Just use the same nickname to comment.

This sunset post was supposed to be a lazy post with just 3 awesome pics as I'm travelling now but it turned out to be an essay. ;)

Borneo Breezes said...

Wow!n These are some nice photos. The romance of the South China Sea and its lovely port on the Rajang River. Kudos to Petre. Tell us more about him.

Daniel Yiek said...

Petre is from Sarikei (class of 1996 St Anthony's School). He works in Penang, Malayisa. I have probably met him when he was a kid becos I'm much x2 older than him. ;) I have linked his blog url in one of the pics before.

His blog:

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